Fish Foot Spa - whilst seated in a Thai SamLor tricycle

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The Sam Lor (literally meaning "3 wheels") or tricycle was invented by Commodore Luan Pongsopon in 1933 and was first used for transportation in Nakhon Ratchasima.

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After becoming very popular, it was later registered as a form of public transport under the supervision of the Royal Thai Police Office. But from 1967 this mode of transport was gradually phased out, especially in Bangkok where the traffic became too congested.

Look at the gorgeous swan-like proportions of the elegant Thai "Samlor" with all its delicious lovingly polished chrome work. It looks like a frisky light weight racer compared to the heavier over-engineered British designed Trishaws of Malaysia. Samlor means "three wheels", a perfectly adequate description of these machines. Unlike the Indonesian Becak and the Malaysian Trishaw, the driver pedals from the front of the vehicle. The passengers also ride a lot higher off the ground than these lower-slung counterparts.

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A fish pedicure is a spa treatment in which a customer immerses their feet in a tank of warm water filled with garra rufa fish. Garra rufa fish swim around the feet and eat the dead skin off the feet, leaving your feet soft and callous free.
These fish have no teeth, and in the wild their main food is algae. During their activities of foraging for food, they simply slough off dead skin via a kind of suction effect.

At first, a fish pedicure tickles a little bit, when the fish start to nibble on your feet. Within a few minutes though, you honestly get used to the feeling, then can settle back and really enjoy it. You will notice, as the fish nibble away more of the dead skin, less of them will stay around your feet. Why? Simple. Because they only eat dead skin, there's not much left to eat after a while.
Thereafter use a moisturizing lotion on your feet nightly.
Fish pedicures are quite healthy. Studies show they promote fresh skin growth, they get rid of dead cells making your feet smell a lot fresher, and they make your feet look younger. The fish seem to enjoy them too!

Fish pedicures are very sanitary. Each customer is given a clean foot towel on arrival at the spa. You are then asked to sit on a stool in a small shower area where the spa employee washes your feet with a disinfectant soap and warm water. After drying off your feet, you are shown to the samlor fish tank where you sit on the side on a cushion and slowly immerse your feet in the warm water.

The instincts of this fish certainly provide a popular pedicure.

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